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 The Institute

         The state of Kerala is endowed with a vast expanse of open inland waters in the form of rivers, canals, estuaries, natural and man- made lakes, backwaters, brackish water impoundments and mangrove wetlands. Fishes inhabiting these water bodies are a treasured resource both in terms of their utility as food and as a material for scientific study.For harnessing these aquatic resource, a scientific understanding of the fish species with respect to their morphological, biological, ecological and adaptive characters along with their natural distribution is imperative to back up their optimum utilization as candidate species for aquaculture and aquariculture practices

Pathanamthitta is an inland district of Kerala with a variety of water resources consisting of Pamba ,Manimala , Achankovil, and Kllada rivers , reservoirs , streams , ponds , quarries etc . All these water bodies harbor a good diversity of fresh water fishes including several endemic taxa. Located in close proximity with these water bodies , the present Institution , School of Applied Life Sciences , the only one of its kind under the Centre for Professional and Advanced Studies devoted to the study of fisheries and Aquaculture, is in an advantageous position to take up any study relating to the life of the fishes of this region .

This institution of  CPAS,affiliated to M.G.University, was established in 1995 to meet the increasing manpower demands in Aquaculture and other aspects of Fishery Science. The School undertakes teaching, research and consultancy services in Aquaculture and related areas of aquatic biology. Aquaculture is identified by specialists as an area which will have very bright employment potential. The institution is part of a fast developing Regional Centre (among other centres at other places) at Pathanamthitta (about 60 kms from the main campus of CPAS). This Regional Centre comprises of three Departments of which this institution is the only one under CPAS which undertakes programmes in the broad area of Fishery Science

The Academic Programme

The academic programmes going on in this institution are M.Sc. and M.Phil. in Fishery Biology and Aquaculture. Both these programmes have employment opportunities. The trained students serve as human resourses to cater to the needs of food security through eradication of protein malnutrition by providing the knowledge of Aquaculture.


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