Prospectus 2024-25

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NRI Quota

An applicant, who depends upon his/her Father/Mother/ Brothers and Sisters (inclusive of first cousins)/ Husband/Wife/ Brothers and Sisters (inclusive of first cousins) of Father or Mother/Half Brother/Half Sister/Adopted Father or Adopted Mother working abroad can apply under the NRI quota. (As per the G.O (MS) No.243/2014/ H&FWD dated06.08.2014). Candidates who seek admission under the NRI quota in Private Self Financing Medical/Dental colleges should upload documents/certificates as per G.O. (Rt)375/2020/H&FWD dated.22.02.2020 & G.O (Rt) No.1480/2022/H&FWD dated:22.06.2022

The following documents shall be uploaded for NRI Quota reservation (As per G.O.No.375/2020/H&FWD, Dated 22.02.2020 and G.O (Rt) No.1480/2022/H&FWD, Dated 22.06.2022).

  1. Passport copy and Visa attested by the Embassy or Consulate authorities/Green Card/Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) documents of their respective sponsors. The sponsor’s job should be mentioned in any of the above documents.
  2. The visa of the Sponsor should be valid till the closing date of admission
  3. In case the sponsor’s employment is not mentioned in the above documents, the candidate has to produce the Employment Certificate of the Sponsor attested by the Embassy/Consulate authorities.
  4. The Certificates establishing the relationship of the sponsor with the candidate shall be obtained from the Revenue authorities as per the G.O (MS) No. 243/ 14/ H&FWD dated 06.08.2014.

Note :

1. Relationship should be established. In case the relationship is mentioned asNiece/Cousin/Uncle/Aunt only in the space provided for in the certificate, the VillageOfficer should explain the relation in the certificate itself.Niece/Cousin/Uncle/Aunt should be explained with clear relationship. Therelationship link should be clearly explained. Certificates showing mereNiece/Cousin/Uncle/Aunt without establishing a clear relationship link will be rejected.

Candidates shall verify the certificate properly before submitting it online.

2.Directives of AFRC from time to time will apply to the NRI documents subject to the Government Orders.

5. However the relationship between the candidate and his/her father/mother which isrecorded in the educational certificates maintained in the usual course of transactionby the competent authorities shall be accepted.

6. The candidate shall produce the sworn affidavit from the Sponsor in a stamp paper worth Rs. 200/-. The same shall also be notarized by the Notary Public, disclosingthat the student is dependent of the sponsor and all expenses i.e. tuition fee andspecial fee, of the candidate for the entire course period will be borne by the Sponsor.