Department of Medical Microbiology

Courses: M.Sc Medical Microbiology (4 semesters)

B.Sc Medical Microbiology (8 semesters)

To meet the ever increasing need of medical microbiologists a B.Sc course in Medical microbiology was started in 1994.This was a unique course, the type of which was not available in any other universities inside or outside the state of Kerala. The aim is to provide qualified personnels well trained in medical microbiological techniques.BSc Medical microbiology Degree holders are qualified to work in microbiology laboratories dealing with diagnosis of infectious diseases. Their qualification allows them to be appointed as research assistants in pharmaceutical and microbiology laboratories. Already 8 batches have passed out. Many have joined the postgraduate course in SME or elsewhere. M.Sc Medical Microbiology course was started in SME in 2000 for allowing B.Sc Medical Microbiology degree holders to secure postgraduate degree in Medical Microbiology. Seven batches of students have already passed out. Almost all the M.Sc holders are well placed; few in foreign countries like Australia, Canada, UK and USA.Some are working in Gulf countries .Few of our graduates secured PhD degree.